50 years of airbus

50 years of Airbus is marked with impressive formation flight

Jennifer Weitbrecht
2 minutes

On 29th May 2019, Airbus celebrated its 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the company arranged a special formation flight.

The formation flight lasted around three and a half hours, with the aircraft taking off from Toulouse and doing several loops in front of the panorama of the Pyrenees Mountains before continuing out over the Mediterranean. At 1pm, all of the aircraft were back on the ground.

A flyover of Toulouse Airport was originally planned for 12pm, but unfortunately the local staff waited in vain as bad weather stopped play.

50 years of Airbus – participating in the flight were:

50 years of Airbus with all its ups and downs – more about it at WingMag.

by Jennifer Weitbrecht

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