Embraer Anniversary - 50 years of Embraer

50 years of Embraer and launch in one – anniversary and joint ventures

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While the Brazilian e-jet producers caused a sensation at the Paris Air Show and then blew out their birthday candles, a new breeze will soon be blowing for the aviation giant. The traditional brand Embraer is restructuring its line of business with large passenger aircraft. This joint venture with Boeing is to be called “Boeing Brasil – Commercial”. The brand name Embraer will not be retained in this division.

First Airbus and Bombardier, now Boeing and Embraer

The passenger aircraft segment was lucrative for Embraer – leaving Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A. with its military, business jet and innovation units. In the new joint venture “Boeing Brasil – Commercial”, 80 percent will be owned by Boeing and 20 percent by the Brazilians. With this new alliance and after the Airbus investment in Bombardier, the previously four-part aviation sky is now shared among only two companies for smaller passenger aircraft.

Rank and name,  finding a balance and spokesperson

John Slattery, head of the future “Boeing Brasil – Commercial”, finds that the new name”evolved naturally”. This also caused turbulences in Brazil when it was announced that the “Embraer” would no longer fly under this brand name in passenger aviation. At least “Brasil” is not written with a “z”.  A concession.

Whether, on the other hand, the aircraft fleet itself will be renamed, remains to be seen (Airbus had already submitted a proposal in this respect when Bombardier’s C series was given a new “A” title after taking over the majority). What the Boeing Brasil joint venture jets will be called is still hanging in the air. And it will, again, depend on the respective proportions of 4/5 and 1/5 in the joint venture. The perspective of the major partner:

This strategic global partnership will build on Boeing’s long-standing relationship with Embraer, benefit our customers and accelerate our future growth.

Boeing-President Dennis Muilenburg

Interactive anniversary exhibition

Embraer celebrated his 50th anniversary with a major exhibition at Le Bourget airport, has been represented at the international Paris Air Show 22 times (here you will find the highlights of the Paris Air Show 2019). This also exemplifies the long history of the renowned aircraft manufacturer.

To mingle retrospectively with the Parisian birthday guests and visit this show, just click on these “Pictures of an Exhibition” here.

A brief anniversary résumé

Founded in 1969 as the Technical Center for Aviation, Embraer became the state aircraft factory in 1969 – the company’s original birthday. Previously, German engineers such as helicopter pioneer Henrich Focke had also worked on developments. Starting with a workforce of 500 employees, Embraer S.A. today has over 20,000 employees worldwide and is based in São José dos Campos, Brazil. With its privatization in 1994, the listed company Embraer set off to become the fourth largest international aircraft manufacturer after a veritable descent in 1990.

The Embraer regional jet series, the established Embraer E-jets, also provided the necessary”lift”. Then the E2 jets scored well. The E195-E2 regional jet was now to be seen in an eye-catching special paint finish at the Paris Spotlight. Here is a video of the new E195-E2 airliner at this year’s Pairs Air Show:

The Profit Hunter series. This is also a hunt for profit – as is shown by the fact that that Embraer was invited to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange in January 2019 to celebrate the beginning of its anniversary year. Only large companies and organisations are called to this important tradition of hitting the hammer and to close the day-to-day business and floor trading:

The chiming of a bell heralded the 50th year

While the Brazilian state holds a “golden share” in Embraer, which it can use to participate in decision-making, executives such as Embraer President and CEO Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva and Michael Amalfitano, President and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets, were on stage at this Embraer Day in NY. These executive jets, low double-digit business jets, such as the “Phenom” and the “Legacy”, play an important role in the civil model series.

A further joint venture between Boeing and Embraer in the military segment also plays an important role. This joint venture was founded for the KC-390 programme. It is not yet known which name it will bear for this tactical transport aircraft, a shoulder wing aircraft. But once again the message from Paris was: “coming soon”. Relatively few new orders came in for Embraer. In addition, an upward development was observed concerning the KC-390.

How exactly will Boeing and Embraer come together in the future a propos  the 90-150-seaters at Boeing Brasil – Commercial? Some issues, such as matters of antitrust law, are still being clarified, but should be all cut and dried before 2020. On the sidelines of the IATA Annual General Meeting in June, John Slattery reported in an interview that he had witnessed no effects of the crisis surrounding the Boeing Max 737 on the strategic partnership between Boeing and Embraer. The details of the joint venture between the over 100-year-old and the 50-year-old partner are still in the balance.

Embraer’s first e-flight taxi will certainly soon be in on the way:

A model for the future could also be found in hybrid electric aircraft

The innovation division Embraer X has already presented its concept for its “eVTOL”. If you want to find out more about it and also because there is so much about names and renaming in the context of this article, the Embraer X portal invites you to submit name suggestions for the electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

Pictures © Embraer

by Reiner Hertl

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