Aeroflot plans mask-free zone on board

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Mouth and nose coverings have been part of everyday life for almost everyone around the world for several months now. Protecting others and themselves in times of the Corona pandemic comes naturally to many, but not to others. A particular problem in dealing with mask-refusers is aeroplanes. Here, masks are strictly mandatory.

But what to do if passengers decide to take off their masks during the flight? An unplanned stopover costs a lot of time and does not solve the problem until landing and deboarding. The Russian airline Aeroflot is now presenting a special plan for this case. They are now planning to set up a mask-free zone on board. This is to be set up in the last two rows of the aircraft. In addition, it is to be isolated from the rest of the passenger compartment so that all other passengers are not additionally endangered. Such a plan would make the work of the flight crew much easier. After all, they are responsible for monitoring the mandatory use of masks on board.

It is not yet known when this regulation will be introduced at Aeroflot. However, it is to be expected that other airlines will take this plan as an example. Delta Air Lines, for example, has already had to ban around 250 people for life for failing to comply with the mask requirement.

Picture © Robert Aardenburg

by Johanna Koyser

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