Airbus A350 completion now also in China

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

The Chinese market continues to gain in importance for European aviation companies. Back in 2017, aircraft manufacturer Airbus opened its first widebody center outside Europe with the “Completion and Delivery Center Tianjin”. Just two years later, the center was able to complete and deliver two A330s per month. In the future, the A330’s big sister, the A350, will also be able to undergo the final stages of production there.

This is the result of a working agreement published by EASA, which the European aviation authority concluded with the Chinese aviation authority (CAAC). The first Airbus A350 completed in China is also already waiting in the wings. On social media, images of an Airbus A350 were shared, showing the words “First A350 delivered from China.” Airbus plans to deliver one Airbus A350 per month from the “Completion and Delivery Center” in Tianjin in the future. 

However, Toulouse remains one of the most important hubs of Airbus A350 production. After all, this is where the aircraft will continue to be built and take off on their maiden flights. Completion in China then primarily involves the interior fitting of the cabin, painting, and final delivery to the future owners.

Picture © Sugarman Joe

by Johanna Koyser

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