Airbus introduces contactless “e-Delivery” process

Johanna Koyser
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Currently, contactless handover is practiced everywhere, be it for the delivery of parcels, food orders or errands. However, these are all goods that can easily be left in one place for collection by the customer. But what about larger goods, or extremely large goods such as aircraft? The usual process for an airline to pick up its latest aircraft from the manufacturer includes things like personal acceptance and signing documents on site. Aircraft supplier Airbus has come up with something special in this respect: the so-called “e-Delivery” process. Pegasus Airlines was the first customer to use this service a few days ago. Three new A320neos were transferred contactlessly from Airbus to the company.

In the case of Airbus “e-Delivery” service, contactless of course does not mean that the aircraft flies remotely from the Airbus base to the new station. Rather, it means that the parties to the contract, simply speaking seller and buyer, which previously had to meet, no longer need to meet in person. Therefore, Airbus has divided the new process into three steps.

The three steps of “e-Delivery”

Previously, it was common practice for the buyer of the aircraft to set the TAC. With “e-Delivery”, Airbus now carries out the necessary activities itself, such as the acceptance test flight. Once the technical acceptance has been successfully completed, the electronic transfer of title (electronic ToT) follows. This takes place on the new “e-SalesContracts” platform. Here, both contracting parties do not have to meet at the same table, but can perform all the required actions virtually. For the final step, the transfer flight to the new home airport, the buyer has two different options. Either he sends his own crew to transfer the completely disinfected aircraft, or he commissions a suitable company.

With this three-step “e-Delivery” process, Airbus is setting an example of solution-oriented and agile action in the current era. How many Airbus customers will make use of it will only become clear in the coming months. In any case, we at WingMag are convinced of the concept and pay our respect to Airbus.

Picture © Markus Winkler

by Johanna Koyser

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