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Airbus test flight flies christmas route

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An Airbus test flight draws a Christmas tree in the sky … Airbus proved that there is still room for humour in the otherwise extremely conscientious and precise aviation industry when the company came up with a very special concept for one of their A380 test flights in December of last year. 11 days before Christmas, flight AI B232 E departed Hamburg Airport at 12:47 pm, ready to take a unique route over Germany.

The Airbus test flight and its Christmassy route

The idea was, apparently, the brainchild of the test flight’s pilots and engineers and did not, as you might expect, originate from Airbus’s marketing department. In order to create the Christmas-themed radar image, the Airbus pilots set an initial course for Münster, then turned sharply towards Bielefeld and flew a loop past Paderborn, drawing the first branch of the tree, complete with bauble, “in the heavens”. The pilots repeated similar manoeuvres over Bonn, the Eifel, and, lastly, the Rhine-Main region. The trunk of the Christmas tree was then formed by flying a stretch from Wiesbaden in the direction of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, from where the plane headed north toward the Spessart mountain range.

At 4:30 pm, after completing the Christmas tree (minus the star on the top), the plane landed safely back in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Once the landing was successfully accomplished, Airbus’s press department issued the first official confirmation of the endeavour.

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