Alitalia to be renationalised

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Back in January, we reported in WingMag on the ailing Italian airline Alitalia. Even before the Corona crisis began, it was already struggling with severe economic problems and was desperately seeking a solution. Talks with Lufthansa did not lead to any rescue. Overall, Alitalia’s flights were always accompanied by some uncertainty about the future. These difficulties were all the more intensified in recent weeks by the events surrounding Corona.

Last week in particular, the consequences of the corona virus for Italian aviation became clear. Flight operations were severely restricted at the major airports. Terminals were closed and operations at the Milan-Malpensa hub were even completely suspended. In view of the massive infections and deaths in the country, this was simply a measure that had to be taken to further protect the population.

The economic consequences are now particularly evident in the example of Alitalia. That is why the government in Italy is trying to contain further problems as part of an aid package. In today’s official announcement, the government has now announced that it will re-nationalise Alitalia. A step that was already being considered by experts before the Corona crisis.

What this implies in detail for Alitalia and what measures will be taken as a result of the nationalisation is not yet known at this stage. It is to be hoped that, despite the current circumstances, this is the right decision for Alitalia’s future and that it may even allow it to emerge from the corona crisis stronger than before.

Picture © Mauricio Artieda

by Johanna Koyser

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