WingMag authors! Who are we? One thing unites us all – a passion for flying. Below is an overview of all our authors and guest authors who have already written for the WingMag. In-depth expert articles or subjective columns are as much part of WingMag as regular and one-off articles on aviation. Should we have missed a particular subject in WingMag or if something is eating at you, then don’t put off getting in touch with us. After all, that’s the very reason for creating our contact form.

We warmly welcome you as a reader, or even as a co-author, into the WingMag family!

Tim Takeoff

Eigentlich ist Tim Pilot und verdient seinen Lebensunterhalt damit, große Frachtmaschinen um die ganze Welt zu bewegen. Für viele ein Traumjob. Für Tim auch- doch das allein reicht ihm nicht. Aus diesem Grund fliegt er auch privat -mit allem was Flügel hat- und schreibt hier über Themen, die das Fliegen für ihn so besonders machen. Tim‘s Artikel im WingMag können hier nachgelesen werden.

Cindy Bauernfeind

Cindy discovered her passion for flying in her childhood. Sitting in a plane for the first time was exciting. But even after many more flights, she still enjoys the thrill of taking off. Whether short or long flights – Cindy has already earned countless air miles through her love of travel. The fascination for flying goes hand in hand with her passion for writing. As marketing manager of WingMag, she combines both passions – flying and writing.

Reiner Hertl

Whether long-distance or short version: For the freelance copywriter and concepter Reiner is a good aviation article like a “Good Flight!”. Check-in into the topic, tingling at the start, window seat and panoramic view on the interesting information, one or the other loop in the reading curve. Before soft landing and safe connection. To the next WingMag article, during which amusing reading time flies by.

Martina Roters

Her first flight experience seemed like a flirt with disaster! She was a 13-year-old teenager and the flight was from Düsseldorf to Rome with a steep descent and rough landing on Fiumicino airport. It is not surprising that she waited 9 years before she stepped on board again – Air Tunis took her to Monastir for her honeymoon. Marital passion went on for a lifetime as did her new passion for flying. You could almost call it a subscription: She regularly escapes the German winter with the A380 flight from Frankfurt to Singapore on her way to Lombok. There she had a 43 ft cell tower installed on the villa rooftop. As a copywriter she can work wherever an airplane can safely take her and wherever there is good WiFi.

Jennifer Weitbrecht

Our chief editor and author Jenny is a self-employed entrepreneur in the field of online-marketing and writes with passion. She is our flight rookie, however as globetrotter she has already been sitting in a lot of planes. No wonder flying means freedom to her. Jenny’s highlights – until now – were flights with helicopter and microlight in Namibia. But working for WingMag makes curious about more!

Charlotte Ebert

When she was 9 months old she was on a plane for the first time and of course can’t remember it today. To her, airplanes are mainly public means of transport which take her from A to B. What’s really interesting for her are the people who work in or around them: The mechanics who know where which screw has to be located. Or the stewardess who has a smile on her lips, even with the most unfriendly guest. How do these people manage that? That’s why she writes about stories with personal notes.

Linda Luftikuss

In her regular column, Linda Luftikuss takes you on board to bring you the best and most far-fetched stories from her job as a flight attendant for a major airline. Felicity Flyright is, of course, a pseudonym, one which allows her to share as much detail as possible about her multifaceted experiences working in passenger air transport. Felicity loves flying, whether for work or fun, as well as writing about it.

Marco Theiss

Model building sparked enthusiasm in childhood. After graduating from the German school in Mexico City, he went to Munich to study aeronautical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences. He started his career at Fairchild-Dornier as a designer and calculation engineer. This brought with it extensive experience with the Do228, Alpha-Jet, Bell UH-1D and also for Airbus structural engineering. He has been self-employed since 2013 as an interim manager in aviation and technology companies. Also as coach and consultant for awareness and organisational development, the other passion. Airplanes are the passion, being human is the essence of life.

Manfred Mittelgang
Autor Platzhalter

A linguist by nature, Manfred Mittelgang has been writing on all channels for almost three decades. Sometimes as a blogger about the German language, sometimes as a music fan working with artists on their CD booklet. Even if you will see the passionate cyclist and poetry aficionado more often on the saddle of his bike than on board an airplane, MM is fascinated by flying. Or do you know anything more romantic than watching the starting jets from the airport viewing platform? Windy up there – like poetry!

Paola Leibbrandt

For Paola airplanes are her favorite means of transportation and she feels at home on every airport. The reason might be that even as an infant she was permanently sitting on a plane. As self-employed SEO and content marketing consultant Paola works from everywhere. For us she especially takes care of technical articles. Nobody knows where that fondness comes from. But allegedly she always carries a screwdriver in her baggage…

Sascha Costabel

There’s a persistent rumour that follows Sascha around that he had already sat in a glider before he could walk. No wonder, then, that the active pilot’s professional life also had to have something to do with flying. He has therefore been a director at SFS since 2005 and is responsible for the latest developments in fasteners. His most interesting challenge was the development of a modular fastening concept, which is now used throughout the cabin of the A350 XWB. It’s great that he also shares his experiences and visions with us here in the WingMag!

Arnold Fischer

Arndt Hovestadt is an amateur pilot. Strictly speaking. Over several years he reduced his job as a marketeer to push his limits as a competitive glider pilot. He fulfilled his personal dream several years ago with a World Championship title. Today he once again enjoys the “normal” life of a pilot who flies for pleasure. And writes passionately about his passion: flying.

Hubertus Huvermann

Hubertus Huvermann studied Fine Art and works as a photographer and artist. Flying has been one of his greatest passions for 20 years. He took up gliding aged 13 and has been involved in the sport for over 10 years as a volunteer flying instructor. He shares this passion, joy and his creative eye with you as a WingMag author.

Esther Nestle

As a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a stewardess. On her 12th birthday, granny gave her a Lufthansa flight from Stuttgart to Hannover, which is still so present in her mind today as if it had just been yesterday. Even though her petty-girl dreams did not take off, she’s been flying a lot of miles through the world since that first memorable take off. That the passionate copywriter with a strong desire for discovery can now combine this so far purely private part of her life with her profession, prepares her a flying pleasure of a special kind!

Johanna Koyser
Autor Platzhalter

Johanna is part of the WingMag’s news editorial team. With her media sense for trends and innovations she makes sure that you don’t miss anything from the world of aviation. Up to date and always with a view over the horizon. As a child, she actually wanted to become an astronaut, but something came up and now she shares her fascination for aviation here.