Aviation Mogul David Neeleman announces the “world’s nicest airline”

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

The name David Neeleman always attracts great attention among aviation enthusiasts. The Brazilian-American businessman has been considered a mogul in aviation since the 1990s: He founded renowned airlines such as JetBlue, WestJet Airlines and Azul, each of which is one of the most successful airlines in its home country. After two years of rumors, Neeleman officially announced his new plans this Friday: a brand new airline called Breeze Airways.

Breeze Airways, which was known as Moxy until its official release, is expected to start its first flights through the USA this year. But what makes Breeze Airways so special that the company sees an opportunity in the highly competitive American airline business? David Neeleman is known for bringing innovation to the market with newly founded airlines. With Breeze Airways, he has identified a gap in the USA that he now wants to fill. The airline will concentrate primarily on non-stop flights between previously neglected, medium-sized cities. At present, such cities can usually only be reached with overpriced connecting flights. Given the size of the USA, there is thus a good chance of success with such a project. It remains to be seen whether Breeze Airways will then also become the “world’s nicest airline”, as David Neeleman has announced.

In any case, our team at WingMag is already excited about the idea of making the airline network ever tighter. In our opinion, innovative ideas like those of David Neeleman are more than beneficial for the entire aviation industry, because novelties keep the market modern and attractive.

by Johanna Koyser

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