Bamboo Airways launches flat-rate programme

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

All over the world, aircraft remain on the ground and airlines have to contend with horrendous losses in profits. It is currently uncertain when exactly normal operations can be resumed. But in the coming weeks, more aircraft are expected to fly again in some places than are currently in operation. The Vietnamese low-cost airline Bamboo Airways is now trying to boost its ticket sales quickly with a special project: a flat-rate flight ticket.

Yesterday, Bamboo Airways announced this special program on Facebook. The “Bamboo Pass Unlimited” is now available for the equivalent of 380 euros. With this flat-rate ticket, you have one ticket for all domestic flights of Bamboo Airways until 28 October this year. The flat rate applies to seats in Economy Class. However, the Vietnamese airline is also thinking of its business customers. There are flat rate offers in three different price categories for up to 40 business flights per ticket. To make the whole thing even more attractive, hotel vouchers and a special reward for loyalty points are available with all passes. All in all, a well-rounded concept from Bamboo Airways.

But before you book hastily, we would like to emphasize that the flat rate only applies to domestic flights in Vietnam. However, it is not unlikely that airlines in Europe and America will follow Bamboo Airways’ example. Through this concept, the company manages to generate sales, which is currently of utmost relevance. Perhaps it was also kept in mind during the development phase that generally more vouchers are bought than are actually used.

Picture © T. H. Chia

by Johanna Koyser

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