Boeing 737 MAX 10 about to make its maiden flight

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

In 2017, the Boeing 737 MAX 10 was first introduced at the Paris Air Show. Today, the maiden flight of the last MAX model planned is to take place at around 10 a.m. in Seattle. This is reported by various media without being able to name a specific source of information. The corresponding plans are always subject to confidentiality.

In recent days, the Boeing 737 MAX 10 has been increasingly observed by planespotters during taxi tests. This is a clear sign that it can not be much longer until the first flight of the new 737 offshoot. A special feature of this maiden flight are the so-called synthetic sensors that are being tested on board the Boeing 737 MAX 10. These are intended to provide additional safety after the serious problems with 737 MAX aircraft. If the test results are convincing, it is also planned to install them in all aircraft in the fleet at a later date.

The Boeing 737 MAX 10 seats up to 230 passengers. According to current figures, Boeing has already received 550 orders from 20 different customers for this model. However, for the maiden flight to take place today, the weather conditions must be right first and foremost. We at WingMag are keeping our fingers crossed!

Picture © Boeing

by Johanna Koyser

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