Boeing 777X successfully completes its maiden flight

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Last week WingMag reported on the planned maiden flight of Boeing’s new flagship: the 777X. As already indicated in the article, the originally planned take-off on Thursday was postponed to Saturday. This was due to adverse weather conditions which made a take-off at Paine Airport impossible. Saturday at 10:09 am local time one could finally breathe a sigh of relief at Boeing in Seattle: the 777X took off on its maiden flight for about 4 hours and also successfully completed the landing on Boeing Field.

For all aviation enthusiasts, WingMag has a very special document of the maiden flight: an audio recording of the take-off. Furthermore, we recommend the website “777X First Flight“, which was set up especially for the maiden flight, to all Boeing enthusiasts. Here you can discover the whole livestream, highlights and also the exact flight route of the 777X.

Audio recording of the 777X maiden flight departure ©

All in all, Boeing can now start to respire. After the first test flights of the 777X were originally planned for the summer of 2019 and the company had to struggle with severe setbacks during tests of the model, the maiden flight now underpins the upward trend of the company. Further test flights of the 777X are planned at Boeing in the near future. Our team from WingMag will, therefore, continue to look to Seattle and keep you up to date with any news.

Picture © Boeing

by Johanna Koyser

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