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Fly once in a private jet from A to B – for many an unattainable dream. The tip of the iceberg! Many would certainly think so here. But no matter what, there is always something more special, more exclusive and more expensive. Boeing serves one of the smallest segments of aviation, which is nevertheless extremely lucrative for manufacturers and suppliers: the Boeing Business Jets, in short: BBJ.

The magic three letters – BBJ

Among aviation enthusiasts, these three letters immediately trigger certain awe. These are private jets, but not quite “ordinary” ones. Far away from the widespread Citations, Gulfstreams, and Hawkers of this world, also the big manufacturers offer luxury in abundance to one of the world’s smallest clientele. Cruise ships of the skies are designed on the basis of Boeing’s most attractive models. Whether 737, 767, 777, 787, or even 747, everything is possible.

This cannot be done on a budget. Boeing Business Jets have been marketed to aircraft charterers, governments, companies and even private owners since 1996. A total of 260 jets have been delivered to date. Airbus also has its own business programme, the Airbus Corporate Jets, ACJ. The basic aircraft of this programme are also luxuriously equipped.

A flying palace

There is no surcharge list – everything is possible

An office, lounges, private areas, guest rooms, cinema, bar, various bedrooms and bathrooms with showers, even a dressing room can be realized. For each BBJ you will find some kind of master suite with a living room and all luxury imaginable. A normal galley would be far too simple, so most outfitters will install a full kitchen.

This can be of great importance for the customer, as the operating range of the BBJ is enormous. Even the smaller 737 BBJ already covers around 12,000 kilometres. “Widebody” aircraft such as the 777 or 747 can even cover a distance of 20,000 kilometres. This means you can travel halfway around the world non-stop. Just from New York to Singapore, or even to Australia? No problem! Necessary? Of course not. Exclusive? Absolutely!

777X as BBJ

Meanwhile, Boeing has even presented the 777X BBJ for the upcoming B777X at the Business Aviation Fair in Dubai last December 2018. Although the aircraft has not been in the air yet, the first cabin samples of the BBJ have already been published. The Belgian outfitter Jet Aviation demonstrates impressively what is possible. Based on the 777-9, the customer has 342 square metres, which he can design according to his own wishes. Both the smaller 777-8 and the larger -9 can be converted into the ultimate VIP jet.

The latest technology

The latest technologies should make next-generation travel as pleasant as possible. Even if only a handful of people in the world can realistically consider placing such an order, also the “normal traveller” will soon be able to enjoy some of these features. The newer generation à la B787 or 777X series, already have an improved pressure system, higher humidity and dimmable cabin windows. They are also larger and slightly higher to give the passenger a better view. Even if in comparison to a BBJ, a First Class of the renowned airlines is more like a motel.

However, one thing is certain: the feeling of seeing a “real” BBJ will continue to fill the viewer with certain awe in the future. And even free of charge. Impressive!

Pictures © Boeing

by Tim Takeoff

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