Boeing unofficially renames 737 MAX-8 to 737-8

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Several times we reported in WingMag about Boeing’s enchanted child: the 737 MAX-8. Recently there was good news, because the first test flights towards re-certification were successful. Boeing itself recently announced that they have now completed more than 4000 hours of test flights. If everything continues to go according to plan, the aircraft manufacturer will be able to sleep peacefully again in the future. Because there was more good news – peppered with a surprise.

Last week, the American company announced the first order for the Boeing 737 MAX this year. The Polish airline Enter Air placed a firm order for two of the aircraft, which have been grounded since March 2019. And, additionally, secured two additional purchase options. This may seem like a drop in the ocean for many. But after a total of 864 cancellations of orders for the model, it may be a small light at the end of the tunnel for Boeing. However, one thing is particularly interesting. In the official press release of the aircraft manufacturer, only marginally the talk is of the 737 MAX-8. Instead, the model is called “Boeing 737-8” in the headline and also in the course of the text.

Whether this is a permanent name change is not clear at this time. After all, Boeing CEO David Calhoun emphasized in the past that they wanted to keep the name. In addition, the official fleet catalogue still mentions the 737 MAX-8. We are therefore curious whether it will remain an unofficial renaming or whether the re-certification will be accompanied by a rebranding.

Picture © Boeing

by Johanna Koyser

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