Breeze Airways postpones launch until next year

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

At the beginning of the year we had exciting news coming in from the USA. David Neeleman, one of the moguls in global aviation, announced a new airline: Breeze Airways. WingMag also reported. At that time, Neeleman was still planning a launch at the end of this year. Yet, unfortunately, the Corona Pandemic hit the aviation industry only a few weeks later. Therefore, Breeze Airways had to change its schedule. From the official side it is now said that the first flights will take place in 2021.

However, one big question remains: Is it even possible to establish a new airline at a time when many renowned airlines worldwide are fighting for survival? In the case of Breeze Airways this is quite conceivable. After all, its concept fits almost perfectly into current events. According to a Business Insider report, many processes that normally involve personnel are to become “do it yourself” processes. A measure that is particularly important in times of corona and social distancing. If Neeleman has his way, almost all airport processes will run via the passenger’s smartphone, which will make contact with staff unnecessary.

So perhaps Breeze Airways will arrive at the right time. Where existing airlines have had to rethink their approach to make flights during Corona possible, Breeze is starting with a perfectly fitting concept. It is interesting that these plans were already in place before the pandemic in order to save costs and offer cheap tickets. However, it may be exactly this coincidence that leads David Neeleman to his next success.

Picture © Breeze Airways

by Johanna Koyser

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