Buzz triggers dispute between Ryanair and Wizz Air

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Recently, we reported in WingMag on the expansion plans of the Hungarian airline Wizz Air. But now, the Hungarians are facing competition from another airline in their home country. Ryanair wants to further conquer the Hungarian market with its subsidiary Buzz and is starting a trademark dispute. This has even gone so far that Wizz Air has obtained an injunction against Buzz.

But are the names “Buzz” and “Wizz Air” really so similar that there is a danger of confusion for customers? Or is it rather a desperate attempt by Wizz Air to keep a competitor away from their location? Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary holds exactly this opinion. He sees the legal dispute as pure chicanery against his company. It was only about a rebranding within the Ryanair group, which only triggered the debate. Until now, aircraft of the subsidiary Ryanair Sun have been flying in Hungary. Ryanair Sun is now to be merged with Buzz to save operating costs. O’Leary announced that he would appeal against the injunction and gave Wizz Air a tip. Instead of investing time and money in lawyers, Wizz Air should concentrate on reducing costs. This would allow the airline to compete with Buzz.

At the moment it is not yet clear what the outcome of the dispute about the Double-Z between Buzz and Wizz Air will be. It is a fact that Buzz Air has existed as an airline with changing owners since 2000, Wizz Air since 2003. It remains to be seen whether this will play a role in the lawsuit or whether one will only look at the Double-Z in Hungarian aviation.

Picture © Oliver Pritzkow / CC BY-SA

by Johanna Koyser

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