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Commissioning of the new airport begins in Istanbul

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While the Aircraft Interiors Expo came to an end in Hamburg, a mega-class fleet relocation began in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul. On Friday, the fleet and employees of the parastatal Turkish Airlines began moving from the old Atatürk Airport to the new Istanbul Airport.

The new airport started operations on Saturday afternoon with the first start of a scheduled flight. The destination of the premiere flight was the country’s capital, Ankara. The last flight from the old airport took place in the night to Saturday in the direction of Singapore. Flight operations were then suspended at both Turkish airports until they were resumed at the new airport.

700 trucks commuted between the old Atatürk Aiport and the new Istanbul Airport

At the weekend three important motorways and countless streets of the metropolis had been closed for the 40 km long move from the Atatürk airport to the new mega location in the north of the metropolis on the Bosporus. Around 700 trucks have been commuting between the two airports since the early hours of Friday morning. According to Turkish Airlines, they covered a total of 640,000 kilometers for the entire move. Furnishings, materials and the vehicles used at the airport were transported. Almost 50,000 tons. In the air, 337 Turkish Airlines were transferred to the airline’s new home base.

Competition for Dubai. A new aviation hub in Turkey

The new Istanbul airport is regarded as a prestige project by President Erdogan and should above all compete with Dubai as a global hub and shape air traffic between Europe and Asia. Full completion of the mammoth project is scheduled for 2028. Upon completion, the airport is expected to handle up to 200 million passengers per year, making it the largest airport in the world today.

For comparison: According to the Turkish Aviation Safety Authority, the previous Atatürk airport handled only 68 million passengers last year.

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