Concorde successor built by Virgin Galactic?

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

The news about Virgin Galactic are never ending. Last week we reported in WingMag about the presentation of the cabin design of the SpaceShipTwo. This week they had the next big unveiling. Virgin Galactic is working with Rolls-Royce on a supersonic aircraft. Looking at the company history of Rolls-Royce, one could speak of a Concorde successor. After all, the company also developed the engines for the legendary supersonic aircraft in the 1960s.

However, Virgin Galactic is not the only company trying to bring a Concorde successor to the market. Though many of the presented performances clearly exceed the competitors. For example, the supersonic aircraft is said to fly at Mach-3, which is up to three times the speed of sound. In comparison, the aviation start-up Boom Technology is working on a supersonic aircraft with a speed of “only” Mach 2.2. In addition, Virgin Galactic and Rolls-Royce are striving for a cruising altitude of 20,000 metres, which means they want to fly higher than the others. The Concorde successor by Virgin Galactic should offer space for nine to nineteen passengers.

All in all, the Concorde successor project is thus aimed more at well-heeled business travellers who want to fly particularly quickly from one appointment to another. Nonetheless, it is stimulating competition. After all, this increases the probability that supersonic flights will be possible again in the future after the retirement of the Concorde.

Picture © Virgin Galactic

by Johanna Koyser

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