Decision on new travel restrictions in the EU to be taken soon

Johanna Koyser
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In mid-March, at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic, all EU member states agreed on travel restrictions for third countries. The only exception was Ireland. This travel ban was to remain in force until the end of June, after several extensions. From the beginning, mandatory travel to the EU was excluded. Due to the fact that many countries are still severely affected by the Corona Pandemic, it does not look as if “normal” travel operations will be back to normal from next week.

Currently, the EU ambassadors of all EU countries are meeting in Brussels to establish new guidelines for travel restrictions. As the situation currently stands, it seems likely that the general travel restrictions will become country-specific. In recent weeks, the often very different course of infection rates in different countries could be observed daily.

Factors for EU travel restrictions

For this reason, individual factors are now to be defined. They should determine whether entry into the EU is possible or not. The “New York Times” speaks of a rate of 16 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last two weeks, which must not be exceeded. If this value is taken as a measure, citizens from the USA, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Peru must continue to face entry restrictions. Because there, the rate is between 60 and 120 in each case.

However, this does not necessarily mean that countries with a rate below 16 may enter the EU without restrictions. Other factors should also play a role in the new EU travel restrictions. It is conceivable here whether the infection trend is declining and whether the respective countries also allow EU citizens to enter without restriction. A decision on this is expected soon. Although, it is currently considered certain that citizens from the above-mentioned countries will have to forgo a summer holiday in the EU. If you are wondering what the worldwide travel restrictions are like, we recommend our article on the IATA world map. Here, you can find all the information you need.

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by Johanna Koyser

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