Delta Air Lines the first carbon neutral airline in 10 years?

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

For a long time now, WingMag has not only been concerned with the advantages of aviation, but we also take a critical look at the environmental friendliness of the sector. Now, the major American airline Delta Air Lines has presented plans. According to those it wants to operate completely climate-neutral by 2030 – as the first airline worldwide.

At a press conference, Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian announced that USD 1 billion will be invested in this project over the next 10 years. Delta Air Lines wants to drive innovation, improve “clean” aviation technologies, accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions and waste, and establish new projects that mitigate the carbon footprint. The airline is known for its determination. It has managed to build a financially secure business. In order to implement the new plans, a fleet renewal is planned in addition to many research projects. A particular side effect is Delta’s willingness to cooperate with other airlines. The latter are to be provided with innovations and research results. Therefore, not only Delta Air Lines but also the entire aviation industry can become more climate neutral.

We very much welcome this project and are delighted that airlines are willing to cooperate on the issue of climate change. Delta Air Lines has made a step in the right direction with its big plans. We hope that many others will follow this example in the future.

by Johanna Koyser

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