Delta to offer quarantine-free flights to Rome

Johanna Koyser
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Quarantine – an often unpopular but important topic in the current times. If you fly from one country to another, it is usually as good as certain that you will have to go into a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. Airlines are now trying to find safe ways to avoid this procedure for their passengers. This includes Delta Air Lines, who now want to offer quarantine-free flights to Rome.

For some weeks now, there have been many offers from various airlines for so-called COVID-free flights. Passengers take a corona rapid test before departure and if the result is negative, they can board the flight. However, in many places neither a negative rapid test nor a negative PCR test can circumvent the quarantine regulations. Delta would now like to close this gap with the quarantine-free flights. The flights are scheduled to take place from 19 December between Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport and Rome Fiumicino. The special thing about it is that the passengers will be subject to a strict test procedure. A negative PCR test must be presented before departure, followed by a rapid test at the departure airport itself. After a further rapid test after arrival in Rome, the 14-day quarantine will finally be cancelled. Provided all tests are negative.

When testing protocols are combined with multiple layers of protection, including mask requirements, proper social distancing and environmental cleaning, we can predict that the risk of COVID-19 infection – on a flight that is 60 percent full – should be nearly one in a million.

Henry Ting, Chief Value Officer at Mayo Clinic

Quarantine-free flights would definitely be a welcome development in international aviation. While it is far from being the carefree travel of a year ago, the abolition of quarantine would be a definite improvement.

Picture © Miguel Ángel Sanz

by Johanna Koyser

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