EasyJet remains confident facing the corona crisis

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Aviation has been hit hard by the corona crisis. After only about one month since airlines began their worldwide flight stops, many companies are already struggling with massive problems. Only recently, WingMag reported on the extremely interesting campaign of the Vietnamese airline Bamboo Airways. Now, Johan Lundgren, CEO of EasyJet, has commented on the future of his airline. His prognosis is optimistic.

EasyJet is preparing itself to continue not flying for the next six months. In order to keep the company going, they secured two loans totalling 400 million British pounds. In addition, EasyJet is keeping options open for further measures that could increase its liquid assets to up to 3.3 billion pounds. This would also allow the company to bridge a flight-free period of up to nine months, according to Lundgren. Nevertheless, he emphasizes that the current crisis is the biggest ever for aviation. EasyJet itself had already started cost-reducing measures seven weeks ago, which are now helping to keep the company alive.

In short, since EasyJet was doing well before Corona, the company does not currently feel threatened economically thanks to the measures introduced. The behavior of the customers is particularly noteworthy in this context. More than half of the customers affected by flight cancellations opted for a voucher or rebooking instead of a refund. In the future, EasyJet intends to do everything it can to accommodate its customers. For example, the company is already planning to keep the middle seats free when flights resume.

Picture © Frederick Tubiermont

by Johanna Koyser

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