Embraer E190-E2 receives approval for London City Airport

Johanna Koyser
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London City Airport is probably one of the most interesting airports in Europe. This is not only due to its central location, but above all to its particularly steep approach and departure ramps. In the heart of the metropolis of millions, it is an important anchor point, especially for business travelers. But precisely because of its location, it requires not only trained pilots but also suitable aircraft to fly to London City Airport. Aircraft manufacturer Embraer is therefore all the more pleased that the E190-E2 recently received the corresponding certification from EASA.

Embraer aircraft, such as the E190, already account for 70% of flights at London City Airport. With the certification of the successor model, the E190-E2, Embraer further consolidates its supremacy. It is now the only aircraft to have been classified in the ICAO’s lowest noise class 14. Furthermore, the E190-E2 aircraft has twice the range of the E190. With a maximum flight distance of over 4,000 km, destinations can now be reached from London City Airport that were not previously possible.

E190-E2 is game-changing for London City Airport

We are delighted that this summer the Embraer E2 will join the London City family. Our investment in eight new Code-C aircraft stands was made with this aircraft in mind. And it’s a game changer for London City as it will be able to handle more passengers, offer an expanded range and do all of this whilst being quieter and more fuel efficient. For us, it represents another milestone in more sustainable aviation and I look forward to seeing more of these aircraft across our ramp in the years to come.

Alison Fitzgerald, COO London City Airport

The E190-E2 obtains the required steep approach capability through a switch in the cockpit and a special software update. For pilots to be allowed to fly the E190-E2 to London City Airport, they must undergo special training.

Picture © Embraer Aircraft

by Johanna Koyser

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