Emirates shows off its new Premium Economy Class

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

It has not been a secret for some time that Emirates, the Gulf airline, would soon be adding a fourth class, the Premium Economy Class, to its programme. It was also clear that the airline’s first aircraft to be equipped with it would be a factory-new Airbus A380. Emirates has now taken delivery of this aircraft from the Airbus facility in Hamburg and was thus able to provide the first glimpses of the new class.

With a seat pitch of up to over one metre from the seat in front, a new Premium Economy seat not only offers comfortable legroom. The 50-centimetre-wide seat offers additional comfort by means of a footrest and calf support. In addition, it is possible to adjust the headrest in various positions for individual adaptation to the passenger. If you are used to having a folding table in Economy Class, you get two in Premium Economy Class. A wide dining table and a side cocktail table. Emirates presents these and other new details in detail in this video.

However, the Premium Economy Class is not the only novelty in the new A380. The other classes also received an upgrade. New seats and larger screens have been installed in Economy Class. The Business Class seats received, among other things, their own minibars. Furthermore, the First Class Private Suites are now equipped with larger doors for even more privacy. All of the new features are also expected to be installed on all of Emirates’ upcoming A380s, as well as on some of the Boeing 777Xs that the airline will add to its fleet in 2023.

Picture © Emirates

by Johanna Koyser

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