Emirates soon to fly with premium economy seats

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

The Premium Economy Class, an option that many other airlines have been offering for several years. However, the three major golf airlines have not yet included this fourth class in their programmes. This will change this year, however, as the Premium Economy Class will join Emirates.

We already reported in WingMag that many airlines were saying goodbye to their Airbus A380s this year. Emirates, however, maintained its large fleet. In fact, they are still expecting to deliver eight brand new giant aircraft. It is precisely in these that the Premium Economy Class will be introduced. Delivery of the first four-class aircraft is scheduled for later this year. Plans for the new seats on Emirates’ aircraft were already in place in 2018, but the Corona crisis thwarted the plans and it was uncertain until the end when the new A380s would be delivered. The positive news that the planned first transfer can take place this year is of course not only good news for the airline. Passengers can look forward to the new booking option this year. A total of 56 premium economy seats will be installed in each of the new A380s.

Unfortunately, there is currently no official photo material available to show exactly what this expansion of the Emirates offer will look like. But we will keep an eye on it. After all, a fourth class in aircraft is always an interesting topic.

Picture © Emirates

by Johanna Koyser

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