Ethiopia soon at the top: Government to build Africa’s largest airport

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

If you are currently traveling to Ethiopia, you usually land at Bole International Airport. But that is about to change. Only 70 km away, the Ethiopian government is planning Africa’s largest airport, with a capacity that is expected to exceed that of London Heathrow or Dubai International. Of course, a construction project of this magnitude is not cheap – the government plans to invest a full 5 billion US dollars in the project.

The mammoth project is to be built in cooperation with Ethiopian Airlines, which will be given a new home airport. Ethiopian Airlines is currently the most profitable airline in Africa, and Tewolde Gebremariam, head of the company, expects 100 million passengers to be handled annually at Africa’s new hub. However, those who are informed know that the current Bole International Airport, mentioned above, has only recently been revised and expanded. So why build a new airport not far away? Here, a look at the current figures of Ethiopian Airlines helps: in the last business year, the company was able to increase its profits by 25% to 260 million US dollars. Furthermore, Ethiopian plans to carry about 22 million passengers per year by 2025. Such growth makes the plans for a new airport indispensable.

So it remains exciting. Construction work is expected to begin this year. Our team from WingMag will therefore take a closer look at Ethiopia more often in the coming months, because this project sounds more than interesting to us: Whether or not the new Ethiopian home airport will become the mega-hub of Africa? Until then, we keep our eyes open and recommend an article on the mega-hub par excellence: Beijing-Daxing.

by Johanna Koyser

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