Etihad Airways now also offers charter flights

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

It is an extremely exciting announcement that Etihad Airways made recently. With competitor Emirates expanding its services to include another class on board, Etihad is now offering charter flights.

The Corona pandemic has forced companies to rethink and so the national airline of the United Arab Emirates now wants to conquer the charter flight market. After all, the airline has already gained some experience in this field this year. More than 500 charter flights took place on behalf of the United Arab Emirates in 2020. These were not only cargo flights, but also passenger flights. Both are now to be offered for the new bookable charter flights. In addition, it will also be possible to book combined charter flights. The high standards of safety and comfort that one has come to expect from Etihad will also apply to the charter flights. Particularly noteworthy is the Global Wellness Insurance included in the price. The airline covers all costs in the event of a COVID-19 illness up to 31 days after an Etihad flight. Provided the patient is not in their home country.

These new Etihad flights sound like an offer that is particularly interesting for major companies or even governments. Being able to book a large aircraft for any flight without bureaucracy can be an advantage in times of a pandemic. Of course, private individuals can also charter an Etihad aircraft, but most of them will probably opt for a normal ticket when looking at the costs.

Picture © Etihad Airways

by Johanna Koyser

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