Exciting Singapore Airlines experience – without taking off

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Offering passengers a great experience on board during the Corona crisis is a challenge that many airlines are taking up. Already at the beginning of August we reported in WingMag about the so-called “flights to nowhere”. At that time, StarLux was one of the first airlines to offer such a service – and many others have since followed in the meantime. Singapore Airlines also announced flights to nowhere, but ultimately decided against it. Instead, other exciting Singapore Airlines experiences can now be booked.

From October 12th, tickets for a special dinner can be purchased in the airline’s online store. Special, because the dinner will take place on two days in a parked A380. There, you will be offered the hospitality known from Singapore Airlines and, depending on the class booked, enjoy a complete in-flight menu. In addition, all guests get the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. In the time between the individual courses tours through the aircraft are offered. There, the guests also get an insight into areas that would otherwise remain hidden from the passengers. The whole thing is rounded off with the appearance of the crew. Because the guests are not served in the normal uniforms, but in many different vintage uniforms of the airline.

It is really a great idea of Singapore Airlines to offer their guests such an experience, even if the A380 does not take off. After all, this was also a big criticism of the “flights to nowhere”. The question has been raised whether purely tourist flights with the same starting and destination point are compatible with the environmentally friendly destinations of the operating airlines. With a standing aircraft as a restaurant, Singapore Airlines skillfully avoids this discussion.

Picture © Goh Rhy Yan

by Johanna Koyser

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