Experience the BER opening with a livestream

Johanna Koyser

Today the time has finally come and BER Airport is open. We at WingMag have been eagerly awaiting this event for weeks, after all it is not an everyday occurrence that an airport of this size opens. All the more reason for us to be delighted to be able to attend this event – despite Corona. A livestream makes it possible.

That is why we recommend everyone who is currently missing aviation air to tune in. After all, the BER is the new hub of the German capital and because of the current situation it might take some time for some people to experience this place live. Thanks to the livestream you can now get insights into the airport’s processes that you might otherwise never get. The landing of the first flights and their handling, as well as many other things can be seen there. Here you get directly to the livestream.

So switch on, or, if today is not the right time, watch the livestream later. We think it’s worth it, after all, we ourselves are sitting in front of our screens to finally get a picture of BER after the long construction period.

Picture © Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH / Annika Bauer

by Johanna Koyser

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