Eye-catcher: Alaska Airlines releases new safety video

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

In our WingMag News section we report several times a week on aviation news. Be it the launch of new airlines or other interesting aviation related stories. From time to time, however, our newsroom stumbles across content that is more entertainment than breaking news. This was the case today when we saw the new safety video of Alaska Airlines for the first time.

Especially at the current time, when the news – also in WingMag – is dominated by the Corona pandemic, a little variety is good. Entertaining safety videos are nothing new in aviation. Many airlines have already tried to breathe a little more life and fun into the otherwise rather stiff videos. The latest member of this group is Alaska Airlines. In a one-minute video, employees of the airline explain the new safety standards to passengers. And they do so while dancing. An Alaska Airlines hangar in Seattle served as the backdrop for the safety video and the most impressive ensemble member is probably a Boeing 737. The song selection is also fitting, as the crew members dance to the 80s song “Safety Dance” by the band Men Without Hats.

We think it is a very entertaining project that Alaska Airlines has realised. For all those for whom this was not enough, we have another recommendation. The South Korean band BTS recently shot a music video in which a Korean Air 787 played a leading role. If anyone now feels like shooting a music video in front of or in a spectacular setting, we have a hot tip for you.

Picture © Alaska Airlines

by Johanna Koyser

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