SFS intec GmbH Aircraft Components - Imagevideo - glimpse behind the scenes

A glimpse behind the scenes

3 minutes

Welcome on board! Come in, sit back and relax. Today we have an interesting view for you on our flight, as our sponsor SFS will be exclusively presenting its first image film to you. Enjoy this glimpse behind the scenes.

**Advertising due to our sponsor SFS being named**

SFS intec GmbH is a globally operating Swiss company employing over 9,000 people worldwide. Our German aviation site in Althengstett (SFS intec GmbH Aircraft Components) develops, manufactures and assembles concealed fasteners for the aviation industry.

The company supplies all the components to successfully complete your project, from the initial idea to the aviation-approved fastening element. 

Today we are particularly proud to be presenting our sponsor’s first image film to you. It underpins the corporate mission: We support you when flying, no matter where you wish to fly. And to enable this, we’d like to offer you an initial glimpse behind the scenes.

Boarding completed, press PLAY.

by Redaktion

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