Free Covid-19 tests at German airports for travel returnees

Johanna Koyser
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Covid-19 testing at airports is certainly no longer an innovation. However, in many places, such as at Vienna Airport, the costs had to be borne by the passengers themselves. Since many countries, including Germany, are currently in a travel season because of the summer holidays, a special decision was made there. From now on, airports in Germany will offer Covid-19 test stations for travellers returning to Germany free of charge.

Until now, such tests have not been free of charge in most cases. In the newly established test centre at Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN) a Covid-19 test cost 90€. With a resolution of all federal and state health ministers, this expense should be a thing of the past. The focus of the tests is primarily on travellers from so-called risk countries. After all, the German Corona Protection Ordinance applies to this group of people in particular. If a traveller coming from a risk area cannot prove a negative Covid-19 finding, he or she must go into domestic quarantine for 14 days. The official list of risk countries can be found here.

Free Covid-19 tests for every traveller

Nonetheless, travel returnees from non-risk countries should also be given the opportunity for a free Covid-19 test. The German Minister of Health emphasizes that it is also important to minimize the risks of a new wave of infection in these countries.

I am very much in favour of having one too many tests done on travel returnees rather than one too few.

Jens Spahn, Minister of Health, Federal Republic of Germany

Even though there are many critics against the extension of the Covid-19 tests in Germany for travel returnees, this offer of the German government is commendable. Because in fact, nothing changes for the worse for travellers. On the contrary, the voluntary test is now available free of charge and more easily. 

Picture © Dimitri Karastelev

by Johanna Koyser

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