Germanwings to close down operations permanently

Johanna Koyser
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The German airline Germanwings, based in Cologne, has had many ups and downs since its launch in 1996. For five years, Germanwings was no longer an independent airline, but a subordinate company of Eurowings. This meant that it was also a fully owned subsidiary of Lufthansa. The latter has been struggling with severe economic problems since the beginning of the Corona crisis (WingMag reported). In the course of this, Lufthansa has already taken some measures. In the past few days, speculation has now turned into certainty: the Lufthansa subsidiary Germanwings is finally closing down its operations.

About 1400 employees are affected by the closure, whose future is currently uncertain. Since Lufthansa had not yet reached an agreement on short-time work for Germanwings employees, they are currently still receiving their full salary without working. However, it is expected that negotiations on this matter will be held shortly. Whether Lufthansa or Eurowings will take over all employees of Germanwings is more than questionable. Critical voices are being raised in this regard, strongly criticizing Lufthansa’s decision to discontinue flight operations at the Cologne subsidiary. The president of the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) Markus Wahl said that Lufthansa is simply taking advantage of the current situation and pushing the forced restructuring of the group at the expense of the employees.

Even before the Corona crisis, it became public that the future of Germanwings was not considered secure. However, it would have been expected that detailed discussions with employees would have preceded a closure. But now, all Germanwings employees are facing an uncertain future in a more than uncertain time.

Picture © Pascal Meier

by Johanna Koyser

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