Germany’s first official airport podcast

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Podcasts are currently on everyone’s lips. As many people are using the radio less and less to listen to music and are turning to streaming services for this purpose, the demand for informative formats for streaming has risen steadily. Podcasts close this gap, because in addition to pure entertainment podcasts there are also a lot of informative podcasts that resemble reports. An absolute novelty here in Germany is a new format from Hamburg: the first official airport podcast from and about Hamburg Airport.

But what can you expect from an airport podcast? One thing is clear, at an airport, no matter where, all kinds of people come together, whether for professional or non-professional reasons. The podcast from Hamburg Airport called “Auf einen Tomatensaft mit…” has made it its business to get to know these people and tell their stories. Moderator Florian Zastrow meets every three weeks for a 30-minute conversation with a new guest. In a mix of entertainment and information, listeners can learn a lot of new things about the often “secret” everyday life at the airport.

The first episode features Björn Kranefuß, who works as a pastor and pastoral worker at the airport. It is a really interesting conversation about his experiences and everyday life at Hamburg Airport, insights that you probably wouldn’t get otherwise. We at WingMag are absolutely thrilled and are already looking forward to the next episode.

by Johanna Koyser

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