Harvard study confirms low risk of infection on board

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Already a couple of weeks ago, WingMag reported official IATA figures on the risk of infection on board. These already showed that the risk of infection on board is considered low. For this purpose, they took a look at the actual figures of the last months regarding the infection of flight passengers. Now these statements are additionally supported by an official Harvard study.

In the first phase of the Harvard study, the risk of infection on board was examined. Here, the study particularly highlights the HEPA filters on board. They ensure that more than 99 percent of the particles contaminated with the virus are removed from the cabin air. Therefore, the fact that there are many different people on board does not play a decisive role. The Harvard study even comes to the conclusion that a flight is safer than a supermarket or restaurant. Furthermore, the study emphasises the importance of other protective measures on board. Wearing mouth-nose covers, keeping a safe distance and disinfecting surfaces contribute to further protection against infection on board an aircraft.

The second phase of this Harvard study now examines the risk of infection in airports. It is not yet known when the results will be published. However, the first phase of the study is already a positive sign.

Picture © Ross Parmly

by Johanna Koyser

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