Heart Aerospace – Swedish start-up introduces electric aircraft

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

There are many start-ups in aviation. Most are united by the goal of making aviation both more environmentally friendly and more efficient. This is also the case with the Swedish start-up Heart Aerospace. In contrast to the much-discussed topics such as hydrogen engines for aircraft, Heart Aerospace is working on a purely electric aircraft. No ES-19 has been built yet, but the plans sound exciting.

The ES-19 is to have room for 19 passengers and a range of 400 kilometers. This makes it almost perfect for the vastness of Sweden, which is often rather poorly connected. Another factor also speaks in favor of this use: only a 750-meter-long runway will be needed for takeoff and landing. Experts know that this is a pretty short distance for the maneuvers. Heart Aerospace plans to use four electric propellers to power the electric aircraft. In addition, the aircraft will have winglets and a T-tail. However, there is a small damper, because the ES-19 is supposed to take off for the first time in its original size only in four years. Nevertheless, first flights with a 1:5 model are planned for this year.

All in all, the Heart Aerospace project sounds interesting. But with the help of a nice presentation everybody can make a lot of noise for nothing. It will only be really exciting when the first flight tests are carried out. It is however appropriate to put hope into the project, since the staff of the start-up has a lot of experience in aviation.

Picture © Heart Aerospace

by Johanna Koyser

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