HY4 Livestream – Presentation of the first hydrogen-powered aircraft

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

Flying with hydrogen power is this week’s topic in WingMag even more than usual. In a detailed article, we went into this future topic in aviation in depth. We presented various concepts and can now recommend a livestream today, in keeping with the topic. Because today at 1:30 pm, the new HY4 powertrain will be presented at Stuttgart Airport.

HY4 is a 4-seater passenger aircraft that flies with hydrogen fuel cell propulsion. The basis of the aircraft was developed by H2FLY. Thanks to the cooperation of many major players from industry and science, HY4 was equipped with a reliable hydrogen-electric powertrain. The University of Ulm, DLR-TT, H2FLY GmbH, Pipistrel d.o.o., Diehl Aerospace GmbH, and Cummins Canada participated in the project. Initial flight tests have already shown that the powertrain is suitable for upscaling to MW level. This means that it could be used to power not only 4-seater aircraft, but also aircraft with up to 40 seats.

The HY4 project really sounds more than promising for a climate-friendly future in aviation. That’s why we, too, are turning our eyes to Stuttgart Airport today at noon, when Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, and Winfried Hermann, Minister of Transport of the State of Baden-Württemberg, present the new generation of HY4 propulsion. This link will take you directly to the livestream.

Picture © H2Fly

by Johanna Koyser

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