Icelandair integrates Air Iceland Connect into its network

Johanna Koyser
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Iceland may be a rather small country, but it has always been of great importance for aviation. Even today, there are many passengers who make a stopover in Reykjavik to cross the Atlantic. WingMag has also reported several times on Iceland’s role in international aviation. Now the country is facing a minor restructuring. Icelandair is integrating Air Iceland Connect entirely into its company.

This is not a hostile takeover. Air Iceland Connect, provider of domestic flights, is after all a subsidiary of Icelandair. However, as of March 16, this brand will no longer exist. That is the date from which Icelandair will be responsible for both international and domestic flights. The reason for this merger is simple. It is to simplify operations and ensure more sustainable business in the future.

The integration of Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect is an important step that will create a stronger and more streamlined airline with more options and improved customer service.

Icelandair CEO Bogi Nils Bogason

The five De Havilland aircraft of Air Iceland Connect will thus join Icelandair’s Boeing fleet in six days. Thus, the airline is positioning itself even more broadly and customer-friendly on the international market. Finally, Icelandair hopes to attract more tourists on domestic flights.

Picture © William Hook

by Johanna Koyser

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