Iceland’s newest airline is called PLAY

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

For many bargain hunters, the end of Iceland’s WOW Air was more than sad. After several glimmers of hope around a return of WOW, there is finally good news. WOW Air is not returning, but there is now a suitable replacement. The new Icelandic airline PLAY started ticket sales for the first flights yesterday. Both the ticket prices and the design are reminding of WOW Air.

PLAY’s maiden flight will take off from Keflavik Airport on June 24, bound for London Stansted. From then on, PLAY’s planes will fly back and forth between London and Iceland four times a week. In fact, London is not the new airline’s only destination. Between the end of June and mid-July, routes to other European destinations will gradually start. The destinations Alicante, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and Tenerife clearly speak for a clear orientation of the airline towards tourism. In addition, according to PLAY, routes across the Atlantic are also planned for the future.

We at WingMag are very curious to see how PLAY will establish itself in the highly competitive market. We wish the new airline all the best and are looking forward to flying with the Icelandic airline ourselves.

Picture © PLAY

by Johanna Koyser

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