Toni Garrn (Jetlite), Achim Leder (Jetlite) und Sascha Costabel (SFS)

Impressions from lite2fix launch at AIX

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Yesterday’s morning at AIX was perfect to get a good overview of more than five hundred exhibitors and their innovations, the focus of the afternoon was clearly on our booth. 4 pm was the starting signal for all exhibitors to get the casual part of the evening started. At the booth of our sponsor the trend-setting product of SFS and jetlite was presented: “lite2fix”. Cold beer from Baden-Württemberg and Black Forest ham from the piece complemented the gathering.  

**Advertising due to the mention of our sponsor SFS and the product lite2fix**

Above all, the newest “baby” of SFS and jetlite provided the necessary topic of conversation: lite2fix combines visionary mechanics with LED panels and can reduce your jetlag by means of adjustable light. It also has a lasting positive effect on the human organism. If you cannot imagine this at this point, just think of the light alarm clocks from various manufacturers that have been on the market for several years. At this point all long-haul frequent flyers might think: Yes, finally! And indeed, this is quite pioneering work. Even better, the visual aha-effect makes the technology directly understandable. SFS employee and Head of Innovation, Sascha Costabel, was able to show our guests how easy it is to remove and reinsert the individual panels. Soon you will get all the technical background of that technology and see how two interfaces integrate in one architecture.  

In particular, frequent flyers will benefit from the new lighting concept. Its algorithm is already used in Lufthansa’s A350 fleet. Toni Garrn, model and entrepreneur, could be won as co-founder of jetlite and also appeared at the launch of lite2fix in Hamburg.

Long-haul flights and the associated jetlag have been part of my life for many years. At jetlite I would like to use my experience to make air travel more pleasant for all passengers and I am happy to be able to do so as a member of a young company from my hometown Hamburg.  

Toni Garrn, Co-Founder jetlite

With freshly cut ham and beer in the hand, it was easy to chat, connect and end the day. Achim Leder, founder and managing director of jetlite, told how the company idea was born at a party, and others talked about the growing digitalization in aviation. Friends, partners and suppliers came together and rumor has it that one or the other fell in love with the Hochdorfer Hopfengärtle beergod.

Some impressions in a short video

by Charlotte Ebert

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