Is this the end for Lufthansa’s A380 fleet?

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

The A380. Hardly any other aircraft model has received more news since the beginning of the corona crisis than the giant Airbus. Because of its high capacity and the simultaneous collapse in passenger numbers, A380 flights became unnecessary. Moreover, even before the pandemic began, there was open speculation about an end to the A380 era that had begun in 2005. Now it could really be time for Lufthansa, the first major airline, to bid farewell to its entire A380 fleet.

According to media reports, Lufthansa will make firm decisions regarding its fleet planning in the coming days. Lufthansa’s A380 fleet is being watched with particular interest. It has been parked for more than half a year now. And if the rumors are believed, this situation will not change at Lufthansa. Worldwide there are currently only a few airlines that still fly parts of their A380 fleet. The WingMag reported on Malaysia Airlines, which without further ado even turned the giant Airbus into a cargo aircraft. But no other airline with an A380 fleet is able to keep up the rumor about the end of the giant like Lufthansa.

So there will be a showdown at Lufthansa headquarters at the beginning of next week. For all A380 fans, there is still a small hope that the group will change its mind again. But if the presumption comes true, it will probably be a rather quiet farewell of Lufthansa to its A380 fleet.

Picture © Alan Angelats

by Johanna Koyser

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