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Ciao jet lag: No more sagging with the help of start-up jetlite!

Charlotte Ebert
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Long flights often mean jet lag: our biorhythm is scrambled and this stresses the body. The Hamburg-based start-up jetlite has taken up the cause of developing suitable products that reduce jetlag. Last year the company launched a visionary idea. In cooperation with WingMag sponsor SFS, jetlite developed “lite2fix”: An algorithm-based lighting concept that supports the body in adapting to new time zones and reduces jet lag. We have already reported about further features of lite2fix.

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Now jetlite founder Achim Leder goes one step further. Together with airlines, he and his team are working on a novel feature that can be integrated into existing apps. The goal: to provide further support for passengers to reduce their jet lag.

And then Corona came along… Currently the entire airline industry is on the ground due to the pandemic. The “Federal Competence Centre for Tourism” has published a “Recovery Check” (German) for the German tourism industry and does not forecast a recovery until 2023. Find out in the interview, what this means for jetlite.

The jetlite interview

How does the jetlite app work?

First of all, it is important to note that we do not develop a stand-alone app. We absolutely wanted to avoid users having to download the hundred and fiftieth app. Instead, it’s a feature that can be integrated into other apps, for example, those of airlines. Within these apps, the user finds a “jetlite” button that redirects to our user interface.

There, the traveller gets tips on the do’s and dont’s before, during and after a flight in order to experience as little jet lag as possible. The app knows the flight data: When you fly to New York in seven days, you will receive push notifications a few days in advance with advice like: ‘Why don’t you go to bed later today’ or ‘Take a walk at 2 pm’. This shifts the inner clock.

jetlite - app

What information does the user interface need from me?

Before you get the tips, you are sorted into categories. For this purpose, some informations about the inner clock are requested. The app then gives tips for a different behaviour before the flight. How much information the user wants to receive can be set individually.

How did you get the idea?

I have to fly a lot for business reasons. Therefore, I have always thought about how I can best behave in order to suffer less from jet lag. With lite2fix we have developed a product in which special light controls the sleep hormone melatonin. We thought to ourselves: If light can do this, so can nutrition, to name just one example. That’s why we worked out the tips in cooperation with a nutritionist.

Where would you like to place the app?

We are currently talking with two airlines as partners, but right now everything is on hold and we don’t see any serious customers for the product for the time being.

How is jetlite doing in the current situation?

Eighty percent of our business is in the aviation and cruise industry. Twenty percent is in the healthcare sector. We get our bearings and calculate how things will continue. Two thirds of our projects have been cancelled. However, the healthcare industry is giving us an outlook on alternatives. For example, we are working with a specialist clinic for stress, which has now installed our lighting solutions to reduce stress and increase well-being in their rooms.

Perhaps “smart homes” would be an area where we could bring our expertise to bear. Here, too, we would like to meet with major manufacturers and work in the B2B sector. We are working flat out to expand this area.

This promises hope for the future.

Yes, we also see it as a chance for jetlite. The good thing about the current situation is that the hectic rush is out and the work is relaxed. So we can put our focus and energy on new developments.

Cover picture by Hernan Sanchez on Unsplash

by Charlotte Ebert

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