Joint venture between Qantas and Japan Airlines in sight?

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

For many months now, Qantas’ international passenger air traffic has been rather quiet. From March onwards, there were hardly any international flights by the major Australian airline in view of the Corona crisis. According to the company, they are planning a slow restart of these flights only in the middle of next year. This restart could now be accompanied by a new joint venture, according to the latest information.

Qantas is planning a partnership with Japan Airlines in the form of a joint venture. The airlines have been working together for some time, and not only because they are both members of the oneworld alliance. If the joint venture comes about, the customers of both airlines would also benefit. There would be extended codeshare agreements that would give Qantas passengers easier connections to 14 Japanese destinations. On the other hand, Japan Airlines customers would also get easier travel to 15 new destinations in Australia and New Zealand. Furthermore, the joint venture is said to have a positive impact on pricing, bonus programmes and the general handling of the respective flights.

All in all, a joint venture between Japan Airlines and Qantas sounds more than promising. At the same time, it would increase competition for connections between Australia and Japan. After all, the parties involved are not the only ones to operate such routes.

Picture © Tango Tsuttie

by Johanna Koyser

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