KLM Cargo introduces Cargo Seat Bags

Johanna Koyser
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The smooth transport of cargo is still a key focus in aviation. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic more than a year ago, airlines have been constantly finding new methods to transport goods in passenger cabins. They have converted entire aircraft cabins or stowed the cargo directly in the passenger compartment. However, the latter often led to heavy wear and tear and was often not really efficient or ecological. KLM Cargo is now presenting a solution to this problem in the form of Cargo Seat Bags.

A year ago, KLM Cargo could still rely on its Boeing 747 Combi for cargo transport. In the meantime, however, these aircraft have left KLM’s fleet. So it’s time for a rethink. Together with the company Trip & Co, KLM developed the so-called Cargo Seat Bags for a Boeing 777. Hard-wearing covers for the passenger cabin that not only protect it but also enable more efficient loading.

These bags not only protect the interior, seats, and entertainment systems but also double loading capacity on the seats, decrease physical strain during handling and prevent plastic waste. The cabin is ready again to welcome passengers within one hour! A great innovation.

KLM via Twitter

Last Tuesday, the first KLM Cargo flight to Shanghai equipped with Cargo Seat Bags took off. The Cargo Seat Bags were approved by both the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities and EASA. Their successful use suggests that other airlines will also make use of the Cargo Seat Bags in the future.

Picture © Mark Wagtendonk / KLM

by Johanna Koyser

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