KLM nimmt Flugbetrieb wieder auf

KLM slowly resumes flight operations from Amsterdam

Cindy Bauernfeind
2 minutes

WingMag has already reported on the consequences of the corona crisis for the aviation industry in recent weeks. The effects of the pandemic forced the aircraft to the ground, which threatens the existence of many airlines. Now, the first airlines, like KLM, are slowly resuming operations.

KLM is at the forefront and is now rising into the air again. The Dutch airline has had flights in its daily programme again since 04 May. Every day, eight aircraft take off from the Dutch capital for Europe. Finland, Italy, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Spain are on the route plan. Hereby, the cities of Helsinki, Milan, Rome, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Barcelona and Madrid are now connected again to Amsterdam.

Currently, KLM has Embraer aircraft available for the flights. More planes and connections will gradually be added in the coming weeks. Of course, safety above the clouds must also be ensured. It has therefore been decided that passengers and crew on board KLM will have to wear mouth and nose protection from 11 May onwards. Other airlines have also already introduced these precautions. For example, mouth protection is already compulsory with Lufthansa or American Airlines.

Picture © Miguel Ángel Sanz

by Cindy Bauernfeind

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