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LATAM presents new “Premium Business” Class

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The airlines of the world are upgrading – including the comfort of their business class. Now the Latam Airlines Group has also presented its new Business Class to the public in São Paulo. Over a period of about three years, the largest airline of Latin America has invested 400 million dollars in the development and implementation of the alterations, which extend far beyond a normal facelift. One after another the 317 planes of the airline will be upgraded in the new maintenance centre in São Paulo. The long-haul aircraft, the Boeing 777s and 767s, made the start, the first converted aircraft re-entering service in August 2019.

Business Premium - LATAM

New seating plan for greater comfort and privacy

“Premium Business” is LATAM’s name for the project. In addition to more space for travellers – the seating plan has been reduced from 2-3-2 to 1-2-1 per row – passengers are being offered a modernized culinary concept. All procedures, from booking a ticket to taking care of the passengers on board, have also been closely scrutinised. “Our new premium business service offers more comfort and privacy so that our passengers can rest and arrive refreshed at their destination,” said Paulo Miranda, Chief Customer Officer of LATAM Airlines Group at the big presentation held at São Paulo Guaralhos International Airport, the largest and most important hub of the Chilean–Brazilian airline, in August 2019. For Enrique Cueto, CEO of LATAM, it is also a building block that can “make the brand LATAM better known in the premium segment”. Cueto therefore spoke of a “historic day” for the airline.

LATAM Business Premium

Specifically, this means: No more annoying clambering over fellow passengers if you want to leave your window or middle seat. Every seat in the new business class has its own direct access to an aisle. In order to ensure peace and quiet despite this, the seats have been constructed to create the feeling that you are sitting in your own compartment. Movements of the cabin crew and other passengers really are less noticeable. A new, breathable seat mat for sleeping also promises greater comfort. A proper, big pillow and a good-sized duvet do indeed convey the feeling of lying in a proper bed, especially as the seats can be completely reclined, sliding forward into a 180 degree horizontal.

Dining as if in a top restaurant

The focus is on light dishes and wines, which place less stress on the body and should allow travellers to arrive more rested. This was also the reason for modifying the cutlery. Like most airlines, LATAM uses metal cutlery in the business class. However, surveys had revealed that travellers are relatively often woken by the loud clattering of the cutlery of fellow travellers, according to David Harry, Corporate Communications Manager of LATAM. The new cutlery is made of a quieter metal alloy. And it is also slightly lighter. Thus, the new gastronomic concept should also make a (small) contribution to increased efficiency and, ultimately, help to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Soon the first choice for business trips?

Moreover, the procedures of the crew have been revised. That means: Interaction with the passengers has been reduced, so there should be fewer interruptions and longer periods of rest. For example, travellers can specify their choices for all meals right at the beginning and will not be asked anew each time. “Our aim with this concept is to become the airline of choice for business travellers,” Paulo Miranda explains. Further points are a dense network of destinations and, of course, punctuality, continues Miranda. By its own account, LATAM is the most punctual airline of South America.

LATAM at a glance

In total, LATAM, Latin America’s largest airline, connects 143 towns in 25 countries on five continents. Resulting from the fusion of the airlines LAN (Chile) and TAM (Brazil) in 2012, LATAM conveys half of all passengers in the South American continent, with 1300 flights daily. Put differently: around 71 million per year. LATAM is a member of the airline alliance Oneworld, as are British Airways and the Spanish airline Iberia. Furthermore, the airline is one of only three airlines worldwide that are listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.

You can obtain an even better impression of LATAM’s premium business class in this video:

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