LIFT: new airline to boost competition in South Africa

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

In South Africa, a new airline will join established airlines like South African Airways in less than a month. Its name: LIFT. The airline’s concept sounds modern and fresh through and through, but there is one major shortcoming, which does not meet these standards.

Starting on 10 December, LIFT will fly six times daily from Cape Town to Johannesburg. A highly competitive route, after all there are up to 60 connections per day on this route. But LIFT wants to convince with its innovative concept. All flight tickets are flexible, so that rebooking and cancellations should be possible free of charge. Furthermore, food and drinks are included despite the low ticket prices. In addition, LIFT tempts passengers with high-quality coffee in the morning and wine tastings in the afternoon.

Sounds like a very interesting concept, which was thought up by former Kulula CEO Gidon Novick, former Uber CEO Jonathan Ayache and Global Airways. But now comes the big drawback: the aircraft. Global Airways is not only providing the licence, but also three Airbus A320s. However, these are aircraft with an average age of 30 years. A fact that does not really fit in with the airline’s young image.

Next month it will be decided whether the concept, despite the old aircraft, will be popular with passengers. In any case, LIFT has at least eight passengers safely. After all, they are responsible for the name and in return they got free flights.

Picture © Grant Durr

by Johanna Koyser

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