lite2fix - the revolution in aircraft cabin construction

lite2fix – the revolution in aircraft cabin construction is here

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If you’ve read the new whitepaper by our sponsor SFS “Digitize aviation – On the future of aircraft manufacturing”, you already know that automation and customization are some of the future challenges in aircraft cabin design. Are exciting developments to be expected in this area in the near future? Are there any new products that meet these challenges?

Sponsored post: This article covers the new product of our sponsor SFS and its partner jetlite. It is therefore marked as advertising.

Automation is indispensable

More and more people can afford to fly. That means the demand for aircraft continues to rise. In order to meet this demand, new ways must be found how to build and maintain airplanes faster, cheaper and more serviceable. Therefore, an increase in automation is unevitable. Especially when you consider that the qualifications of employees in the field of aircraft construction and maintenance is above average. It is not easy to just employ as many new skilled workers as needed. Find out more in the whitepaper article “Is the future here? Germany as an aviation hub”.

The trend goes clearly towards individualized travel experiences

As in all areas in life, the trend goes increasingly towards individualization, especially with regard to travel experiences: food preferences, entertainment programs, lighting, room temperature, merchandise and much more. Passengers want their wishes to be acknowledged. Software-based implementation of solutions into aircraft is already possible such as the algorithm-based lighting concept of jetlite, which has been proven to reduce passenger jetlag. Exploiting opportunities, however, will also require hardware solutions – not an easy task in an industry with exceptionally high security requirements.

lite2fix revolutionizes aircraft cabin construction

Our sponsor SFS has taken on the current challenges together with the young company jetlite and developed an innovative product: lite2fix. This product is a new panel system that allows a very simple and automated installation. It even goes further: The panels allow for individualization in the cabin that was previously unimaginable.

If you would like to know more about the new product, please visit Learn more about jetlite in the whitepaper article “Startup Spirit”.

by Jennifer Weitbrecht

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