Lufthansa announces new rules for flying without a mask

Johanna Koyser

In many places, wearing a mask is already part of everyday life. In many countries the regulations are a bit more relaxed. However, in Germany you are asked to wear a mask in all public buildings and stores. This is also the policy of the German Lufthansa, which has been making it mandatory to wear a mask on board an airplane since April. With this regulation, the airline was among the first in the world to introduce such a regulation.

However, there are always occasional cases in aviation in which the wearing of a mouth-nose cover is doubted or even refused. That is why Lufthansa has now once again formulated its regulations more clearly. As of September 1, it now reads

Flying without mask only with a medical certificate and negative Covid-19 test.

Lufthansa Group

From then on, the medical certificate will only exempt persons from the obligation to wear masks for whom wearing them represents a considerable health restriction. However, the medical certificate is not a free ticket. Lufthansa also requires proof of a negative Covid-19 test. The test must not be older than 48 hours, calculated until the scheduled departure.

Even if Lufthansa states that there have not been any incidents in this regard on its flights to date, the new guidelines are a sign. In this way, passengers are given a safer feeling and they have a clear regulation to follow.

Picture © Mika Baumeister

by Johanna Koyser

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