Lufthansa pauses A380 flights

Johanna Koyser
2 minutes

There has been a lot of speculation in the last few days, now it is official: The German airline Lufthansa will not operate any more flights with its A380 fleet for the time being. Normally, the giant passenger planes fly from Frankfurt and Munich to destinations all over the world. Now, however, the corona virus is putting a spoke in the wheel.

According to internal papers, Lufthansa A380 flights will be suspended until at least May. Possibly the grounding could also be extended. Currently, Lufthansa’s A380 fleet consists of 14 aircraft. Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, there were discussions in some places about whether this fleet was still as profitable as it was when it was introduced. Nevertheless, Lufthansa’s current figures apparently leave no more room to send the giants into the air anyway. At the moment, the Airbus A380 of Lufthansa is said to have a capacity utilization of only 35% and is thus completely unprofitable. So they will have to take a forced holiday at their home bases for the moment. In addition, several Lufthansa employees are also affected by the grounding. It is said that in the next few days the company will talk to them about regulations concerning part-time work or vacation.

We at WingMag would of course like to stress that this case of Lufthansa’s A380 is far from being the only restriction on aviation caused by the corona virus. Yet we believe that this report can also serve as an illustration of the many other cases. Our team would very much appreciate it if we could share Corona-free news about flying with you again soon.

Picture © Julian Hochgesang

by Johanna Koyser

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